Privacy Policy

The information collecting and sharing practices of MYESASUPORT are described in this Privacy Policy. The rules outlined in the Privacy Policy must be followed by My ESA Suport. My ESA Suport is under Lunar Pro Corp. Our privacy practices are subject to modification or adjustment, nevertheless.

How do we handle and safeguard consumer data?

Throughout our ESA registration processes and procedures, we take steps to preserve the confidentiality and integrity of client information. We only provide access to client information by our staff members for legitimate business needs.

We gather and preserve customer data (such as name, email address, phone number, postal address, etc.) to improve our interactions with customers and our business partnerships.

We evaluate whether to link you with a mental health professional who will write your recommendation for your ESA using the information from customers.

We don’t share consumer information with third parties; we only give it to credit card companies so they may utilize it.

In order to provide users to our website value and a better user experience, we at My ESA SUPORT analyze the information on it. We look at things like page views, one-time and returning visitors, peak traffic times, bounce rates, etc. We don’t keep track of, gather, or ask for any personal information from internet users.

For the purpose of distributing newsletters, we keep a list of our customers’ email addresses. People can, however, ask to be included to the email lists. Customers’ email addresses are kept private by My ESA Suport. Access to personally identifiable information submitted by website visitors is restricted to My ESA Suport employees and other authorized agencies.

We employ safe, industry-standard encryption technology to send and receive financial information from our website, providing total security against abuse or loss of consumer information.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or issues about our privacy statement.