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Alleviating the suffering of our patients for more than 18 years!

My ESA SUPPORT has Quality of Care Provided by Physicians and Therapists.
My ESA Support strives to deliver the utmost standard of emotional and psychological care to all patients seeking assistance. Whether you require an ESA letter for housing accommodation or air travel with your ESA, our physicians will assess your emotional or mental state thoroughly before issuing a valid ESA letter.
Our goal to help patients live with their ESA is what draws people from all walks of life to My ESA Support.

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Our Mission

Recognizing the mental health crisis, we aim to alleviate suffering, maximize emotional support animal benefits, favoring animal therapy over pharmaceuticals for mental health issues.

Our Vision

Our vision is clear: become the nation’s top source for online Emotional Support Animal letters, utilizing telemedicine for widespread access to care, ensuring ease in accessing medical professionals for all.


Our Top

An ESA simplifies bringing your pet to stores, restaurants, hotels, ride shares, and various other places.
Rent and reside with your pet anywhere, bypassing "No Pets" policies.
Save money by foregoing expensive pet deposits and fee waivers.
Have them by your side when you need them most, always.

Our Happy Customers

They are fast, and trusting. Not a money grab, and definitely helped me and my emotional support animal in a pinch! Thank you so much.
I've been a patient at the clinic for more than 2 years and have been pleased with the care I've received. The procedure is quite convenient, and the doctors are skilled.
Since I've been using this company for a while, I've been pleased with the service. The procedure is quite convenient, and the doctors are skilled.
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